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Sunflower Pans


Heavy Duty

Harvest Services Sunflower Pans are heavy duty to last longer. Thick guage steel and robust build design results in a Sunflower Pan you can trust.

Common Fitments

Harvest Services Sunflower Pans come in common bolt pattern and fitment configurations for contemporary combines.

Straightforward, Effective Design

Harvest Services Sunflower Pans are designed for effective capture of your crop susceptible to falling in front of your cutter bar. Simple, effective and easy to install.

Don't Lose Your Crop!

Catch all your sunflowers with the Harvest Services Sunflower Pans. Transform your combine header to effortlessly collect sunflowers by installing a Harvest Services Sunflower Pan, revolutionizing your harvesting process.

These revolutionary pans bolt directly onto your existing guards. This allows you to use your existing header to harvest sunflowers. Each pan is 9“ wide and weighs approximately
9 lbs. Split pans are available for end placement on your header.

We're Happy to Assist!

Click on the link below and a Harvest Representative will be happy to assist you with your Sunflower Pan Configuration that will optimize your particula r needs.