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About Us

It's Always Been About Combine Improvement Parts!

With a strong commitment to excellence, Harvest Services was established to provide combine owners with top-of-the-line Combine Improvement Parts for their machines. Recognizing the vital role a well-functioning combine plays in a farmer’s livelihood, we are deeply passionate about our work and take great pride in it.

The origins of Harvest Services can be traced back to 1979 when a local farmer sought to enhance the performance of his combines across various crops. Joining forces with Ray Stueckle, the author of “Combine Settings for Better Harvesting” and “Setting your Rotary Combines,” they collaborated to create the first precision line bored concaves. These concaves have consistently proven their ability to enhance thrashing in all crops and minimize small grain loss.

In 1981, Ray Stueckle introduced that farmer to the Airfoil Chaffer, and together they constructed a durable, non-adjustable, lightweight Airfoil Chaffer that significantly increased the cleaning capacity of combines. Over time, Harvest Services and its dedicated employees pioneered several other groundbreaking advancements, including the original plastic adjustable feeder chain and the adjustable plastic louvered chaffer and sieve.

These innovations have demonstrated their strength, lightness, and overall ability to increase capacity across all combine models and crops. The Feeder chain, with its robust plastic slat, spring steel insert, and heavy-duty chain, ensures a quieter and more aggressive feeder chain that retains its memory and outlasts the competition.

In 1995, the employees of Harvest Services purchased the agricultural manufacturing business and rebranded it as “Harvest Services 1995 Ltd.” Shortly after, Carol Vibert acquired the remaining shares from the other employees, bringing “Harvest Services” back to its origins as a family-owned and operated company. In 2014, the family-owned company Ralph McKay Industries acquired Harvest Services while retaining the original employees.

As we continue to grow, we remain unwavering in our commitment to delivering quality, precision, and continuous improvement to provide you, our valued customers with the best in Combine Improvement Parts.