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McKay Crop Lifters

The McKay Swing-Lock System

With the McKay Swing-Lock System, the Crop Lifter is secured with a Hood and a Double Spring Steel Tab configuration that swings to lock securely around a nut designed to be affixed permanently to the cutter  bar of the combine header. McKay Crop Lifters can then be attached or removed with ease.

SLO1S150 and SLO1S225

Designed Exclusively for Peas, Lentils and Beans as well as proven performance in Cereal Crops these units are suitable for both Rigid and Flexible Header. 150 Series leaves 1” stubble (See the 225 Series below to leave 2” stubble)

SLO1 and SLO1H

Designed to fit most most Combine Cutting Systems and for most crop pickup applications. “H” Series designed to keep cutting platform  higher off ground. Install or remove in minutes with the Swing-Lock System

CLO1S150 and CLO1S225

Bolt-on version of the Best Selling Crop Lifter on the Market utilized  for applications where the Crop Lifter does not require removal during the harvesting season. Designed to fit most OEM Combine Headers.


Our most Economical Lifter. Universal Design fits most headers.

Mckay Crop Lifter Fitment Guide

Click on the button to get a downloadable PDF of the McKay Crop Lifter Fitment Guide.


Swing-Lock Kit (SLH1)

Mounting components for Swing-Lock Crop Lifters. Permanently mount these to your combine for ease of install and removal of McKay Swing-Lock Crop Lifters. Kit contains enough mounting hardware for 5 Crop Lifters.

MacDon Header Kit (SLH2-V2)

Components to Mount Swing Lock Crop Lifters to MacDon Headers with Plastic Skid Plates. (Must also use SLH1 Kit)

Bolt On Kit for Crop Lifter (CLH2)

Compnent kit to mount your McKay Bolt On Crop Lifters to your combine for when removal of crop lifters is less important.

We're Here to Help!

Harvest Services Distributes McKay Crop Lifters. Click on the link below and a Harvest Representative will be happy to assist you in finding the Crop Lifter Configuration that will optimize your particular needs.